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Deeper Perspectives in Mining

Deeper Perspectives in Mining - Deeper-Perspectives-in-Mining-1-scaled

In the challenging world of mining, knowing how to best apply resources is often the difference between success and failure. The growing complexity of projects demands a careful approach, as well as an outlook to the most effective planning tools. One of the tools DMC has invested in is 3D modeling, which is integrated with our approach to engineering.

By utilizing 3D modeling in the engineering process, our teams gain deeper capabilities and insights into the projects we tackle. Beyond helping us better plan and design projects, these models also allow for better communication between teams and clients. It’s no overstatement to say that the process adds an extra dimension to the engineering capabilities at DMC.

Reinforcing a Strong Suite

For much of the history of mining, planning was carried out in two dimensions, executed by highly skilled engineers. Fortunately, the increase in computing technology has allowed for growth in this area and much designing and engineering can now be done in three dimensions. The implications for mining are significant, but the core skills remain unchanged.

In terms of communications, a 3D model is an important tool for ensuring that all stakeholders are working towards the same vision. In the case of our teams, 3D models allow everyone to refer to a comprehensive visualization, which helps improve project outcomes and allows for potential problems to be identified before they are encountered in the field. This is crucial for avoiding costly delays.

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For DMC, this has enabled a greater amount of collaboration. Anyone, at any stage of the project, can review a model of the project and understand the requirements and approach that will be taken. This added level of collaboration enhances the outcome of the project, its cost effectiveness, as well as safety. Foresight is impossible, but with enough careful planning and design, many potential issues can be resolved before mobilization.

DMC’s lead engineer Alex Zaitchenko offers a humbling reminder, “We put a man on the moon without 3D technology.” – and 3D modelling technology doesn’t replace engineering ability nor simplify the engineering process. The benefits are realized throughout the execution of the project. It is a tool to help reduce risks, overall costs, and can be invaluable at reducing delays or removing them altogether.

Deeper Perspectives in Mining - Deeper-Perspectives-in-Mining-2-scaled

Empowering Excellence, Driving Innovation

3D modeling and related high tech tools drive innovation in our industry, as well as drives the need for the next generation of design engineers. Investment in these types of innovations help bring forward new methods of solving project challenges and ultimately reduce the cost of projects for our clients.

By improving collaboration, 3D visuals help our teams better integrate through the entire planning process and make communication much more effective. Through careful planning, we work to ensure projects stay on budget, on schedule, all while improving overall quality and safety.

DMC’s end-to-end solutions approach drives us to use the most advanced and effective tools in our industry.  Tools like 3D modeling and the advantages it provides allow us to continue building on our expertise to deliver a full spectrum of services to our clients, and is an invaluable technology in which DMC will continue to invest.

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