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Industry Leaders

Experts in Shaft Sinking

DMC is a leading North American contract mining services provider with experience around the globe in shaft sinking. From conventional to next-gen SBR shaft sinking, we provide you with deep experience and innovative solutions. Since 1980, DMC has completed 31 shaft sinking projects – from Macassa to Anglo American – and completed the world’s first SBR project.

Birds eye view of mining shaft being constructed

A Client-Centric Approach

Strive to Offer New Solutions & Technologies

From concept to completion, we approach each project with the highest standards for project planning, resource management, innovative approaches, regulatory knowledge and cultural sensitivity to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Along with an industry leading safety record for shaft-sinking projects, we are experienced with a range of depths and diameters while also skilled in difficult conditions and geologies. DMC also has the experience and expertise to mobilize teams and resources to safely execute your shaft-sinking project.

On budget and on schedule

Achieving The Best Results

At DMC Mining Services, we are dedicated to evolving technologies in mining. With a history of new ideas, the core focus is always to optimize for the best possible results – on budget and on schedule. We patented the rapid sinking Long Round technology, and continue to innovate with the SBR. We’re experts with conventional sinking, and have a long history of sinking on time and on budget.

crane being operated above shaft hole

Shaft Boring Roadheader (SBR)

The First Completed SBR Project

DMC Mining Services have completed the world’s first two shafts sunk with SBR technology and continue to innovate ensuring you partner with the world’s foremost SBR operator.

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Engineers at Jansen mine site prepare SBR

Partner with Experience

Conventional Shaft Sinking

DMC has the experience, skilled workers and specialized techniques necessary to complete challenging projects with an industry leading safety record.

Safety First

Why Choose DMC For Your Shaft Sinking Needs?

Sinking a shaft is challenging and crucial for mining, and our dedicated experts can tackle any ground project safely and efficiently. We work with clients to meet schedules, and we do it with an industry-leading safety record.

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We’re pushing the limits of what we’re capable of doing in shaft sinking. SBR is safer, you don’t have guys working on shaft bottom. They’re out of the line of fire and we get much better excavation rates so we can sink the shafts quicker and get down to the ore body more efficiently.

Ken McIntyre | Director, Project Services

Innovation & Ideas

Sun setting on red lake shaft sinking site


Protecting People Assets and the Environment

At DMC sustainability is more than just the environment, we align with our clients to support their community goals.

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