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Health & Safety

Building a Philosophy.

Parallel to delivering excellence, health and safety lay at the very core of our DNA as a company. This is permanently inked in our culture and is highlighted in each working individual at DMC. Our team is committed to keeping the highest of standards when it comes to health, safety, and protecting the natural and communal habitats which surround our workplaces.

Three workers pose for picture while wearing mining equipment

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Health and Safety

We Look After Our Own

The focus on trust and transparency amongst our staff combined with our strong health and safety culture keeps the work environment engaging and fosters a shared commitment to look out for one another. Over the years, DMC has established a reputation for safety, built on the cardinal rules we maintain, the company leadership and our dedicated employees who practice a process of continuous improvement through in-house safety / technical training and leadership development. This defines our fundamental approach to managing and controlling workplace hazards and risk.

Advancing Safety

Smart Mine Solutions

We believe innovation and solution-focused technology is the future to building a consistent, robust health and safety culture. Our performance at its highest level is about challenging the norm, implementation of the right plans, focused training and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

DMC has developed a Smart Mine Solutions program to improve workplace safety and enhance existing systems. This innovation delivers technology at the work front where hand held digital tablets provide:

  • Enhanced analytics around leading and lagging indicators
  • Real-time performance awareness
  • Complete digitized HSE Management System
  • Integration with third party systems and infrastructure

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DMC Supervisor on a walky talky, wearing high visibiluty jacket and giving instructions to his team

The Story So Far

History of Success – Safety

Above all, our number one priority is the safety of our employees. The safety culture at DMC drives our behaviour everyday, and is practiced by each and every employee. Our strong occupational health and safety team covers all areas of fit for duty, including topics of mental health.


WSN award for Lowest medical injury performance


WSN excellence audit award


Workplace Safety North 2018 President’s Award for Safety in Canada

Green workplace safety north logo


Workplace Safety North (WSN) rewarded DMC’s commitment to occupational health and safety with the prestigious President’s Award. This Workplace Excellence Award recognizes superior performance in the mining sector and constitutes WSN’s highest honour.

In March 2018, Workplace Safety North stated that DMC continues to be a “leader in the mining industry for health and safety performance – with zero lost time injuries.”

Workplace Safety North’s President Award

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Mental Health Initiative

Helping Our Employees and the Industry as a Whole

Our HSC team is a driving force to building a healthier, more productive and safer work environments – not only for DMC but with industry partners as well. Our VP of Safety and Sustainability speaks about the initiatives in place and how it is branching out to further companies.

Learn about DMC’s Mental Health First Aid Course, and how it is branching out to help other companies in our industry.


This training was very informative and helpful it really captured the stigma of Mental Health and how people need more education. Working in the healthcare setting we need to be trained as much as possible to be able to better provide support to clients and their loved ones. I feel that through education it can help with being more proactive going forward. Having this training spread to schools and also colleges could help young people to understand mental health problems and disorders. It was a training that was extremely interactive and very well organized.

Amanda, March of Dimes

Reducing Our Impact

Our Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment. DMC has provided mining services in ecologically sensitive areas of the world, where the interface between geology and botany, and mining and conservation is critical. Our commitment and approach in ensuring the protection of our natural environment is uncompromising across all projects, big or small. We are constantly leveraging technology and innovation to reduce our impact on the environment and continuously striving to achieve zero harm.

Reclaimed land in a snowy setting, DMC is committed to protecting the environment

Premier Contractor

Setting The Standard

As a premier mining services contractor, we are proactive in continuous improvement and the successful implementation of:

  • Standards and procedures in line with your specifications as a client, which are communicated to all stakeholders.
  • Personnel training on environmental obligations to promote awareness and responsibility for environmental stewardship.
  • Conservation, preservation, pollution prevention and environmental sustainability in our environmental management plans.
  • Compliance with environmental specifications, laws and standards.
  • Timely implementation of environmental protection and mitigation.
  • Regular and systematic inspections, monitoring and environmental management system reviews.
Arial view of mining base surrounded by green forestry

Community and Social License

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility mandate is the foundation of our commitment to you as partners, to internal and external stakeholders, company values and goals, communities, partnerships and the promotion of responsible environmental and community stewardship, that will contribute to our client’s capacity to earn and maintain its social license.


We will help maintain the health and wellness of your community and a sustainable environment. We are focused in fostering strong community engagement and to be valued as a trusted business partner.


We will maintain the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance to achieve excellence in daily operations, and to promote confidence in our systems. We will conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner.


We recognize the importance of protecting our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental and reputational assets, not only for DMC but for our clients as well, and we will actively participate in maintaining a positive social license in the communities where we work.


DMC’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities is at the center of our core values and beliefs and is the foundation of sustaining our social license – achieving “Zero Harm”. Our values and efforts are dedicated to implementing systems and promote a work environment that supports the health and wellbeing of any individual and community in which we operate.

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