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Our sustainable framework

Taking a Holistic Approach

Sustainability touches all aspects of DMC as an organization. Parallel to the sustainability of our workforce and supply chain, is that of your business, as well as the communities and natural environments that surround the sites in which we operate.

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Core Focus

Our Sustainable

Sustainability is central to our approach not just in operations, but social responsibility, client relations, and personnel. A holistic approach to the sustainability of our clients, our people, and the communities we work in is inextricably linked to our success.

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Our duty as miners

Preservation of our Planet

As a mining company, we operate with tremendous responsibility. The community and environmental conditions of the work site are taken into deep consideration at every stage of the mining process. This encompasses everything from pollution prevention to environmental best practices, operating within permit limits and achieving our client’s commitments to the environment and their communities.

DMC has provided mining services in ecologically sensitive areas of the world, where the interface between geology and botany, and mining and conservation is critical. Our commitment and approach in ensuring the protection of our natural environment is uncompromising across all projects, big or small. We are constantly leveraging technology and innovation to reduce our impact on the environment and continuously striving to achieve zero harm.

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Sustainable Practices

Embedded in
our culture

We ensure we build systems and processes that sustain success. A proactive approach achieves key goals and empowers our people. It’s not just a priority: it’s our key value.

An organization fit for tomorrow

Sustainability of our workforce

At DMC, we embrace a Zero Harm approach whereby health and safety is a priority, not just a value. We are constantly focused on integrating correct inputs such as in-depth training that leads to a zero harm output. People going home in the same condition they arrived to work in is of the utmost importance.

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The DMC Environmental Program covers all aspects of a Project from inception through planning, execution and controlling, to the close-out phase. Throughout the different phases of the project, the environmental impact needs to be addressed on different levels. Through the development of operational controls, DMC addresses all management of impacts; meeting or exceeding legal requirements; and setting of continuous improvement objectives and targets.

Nate Thompson | VP, HSEC

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