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Making History

Leaders in SBR Technology

The lessons we’ve learned using the SBR have enabled us to improve performance, improve project planning and deliver you better results. DMC has the most experience and know-how to use it best.

Shaft Boring Roadheader at base of mine ready to commence operations

Breaking New Ground

Shaft Boring Roadheader Technology

The World’s first SBRs designed and built by Herrenknecht AG for DMC at Jansen – developed from the Rio Tinto / BHP Mine of the Future Technology Program

  • Customized to each shaft – Jansen model able to cut variable shaft diameters in soft to medium-hard rock
  • Rock removed from face via pneumatic mucking system
  • Simultaneous cycle of cutting / mucking / temporary ground support
  • 1980m total depth completed.

SBR Innovators

The First Completed SBR Project

At BHP Billiton’s Jansen Mine, we completed the world’s first two shafts sunk with SBR technology and gained a wealth of valuable experience.

DMC Engineer in high vis jacket and hard hat
SBR - spinning-cad-10363x1036

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21st Century Shaft Sinking

Innovation Driving Excellence

We believe the future of mining is changing, so we work with innovators in the field to see where the SBR technology will go to the next level.

SBR - sbr-hero-3996x1998

Unparalleled Experience

Benefits of SBR Over Conventional Shaft Sinking

Our experience the Shaft Boring Roadheader allows us to bring all its benefits to bear for your shaft sinking project. With 10 years of experience and the newest generation of SBR technology under our belt, we are widely regarded as being at the forefront of this process.

  • Improved health & safety
  • Improved schedule
  • Continuous operation
  • Concurrent work activities
  • Cleaner, improved working environment
  • Upgraded power
  • Expanded flexibility
  • Integrated capabilities
  • Avoids D&B and wall damage
  • No overbreak
  • Proven technology
SBR - quote-mark-56x48

DMC Mining Services has the most experience in the world using our SBR machine. They are helping us improve with each iteration and driving the future of SBR Shaft Sinking.

Patrick Rennkamp – Product Manager, Herrenknecht AG

Innovation & Ideas

The Story So Far

SBR Statistics

Our expertise is backed by numerical and statistical data which proves our well-developed ability with SBR technology.



Anglo American

Estimated Value




Canada, UK



Jansen is the first completed SBR shaft sinking project in the world.



Meters total depth completed. Plus current +3,200m in production.

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SBR - logo-bhp-400x200

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Quicker and Safer

SBR Delivers Improved Safety and Efficiencies

SBR technology reduces risk while improving safety criteria by not utilizing explosives. It also removes workforce from the face, with no exposure to unsupported ground.

Advantages Over Alternatives

Why Use Shaft Boring Roadheader?

A key reason to choose the Shaft Boring Roadheader is its mechanical excavation systems and multiple advantages over drill & blast. While increasing the level of health and safety, SBR is considered a cleaner, improved and modern working environment. An increased level of digital automation assists in generating real-time data acquisition and ready reporting analysis – for full transparency. This also leads to a higher logistical efficiency due to greater accuracy in excavation parameters. Finally, SBR provides an opportunity for concurrent work activities, ensuring your deadline is not missed.

Proven Technology

Improved Health & Safety
Improved Schedule.


Why Choose DMC for Your SBR Needs?

When you choose to work with DMC to employ next generation SBR technology, you’re choosing to partner with the world’s foremost operator. We have a wealth of experience to draw from and apply to ensure timely, safe success. DMC is the leading expert in engineering the technology and applying it to client specifications.

Shaft Boring Roadheader base with engineers in discussion
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