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Safer, faster and more cost-effective

Expertise in excavating vertical raises

Utilizing both Alimak and Raise Boring, we ensure you meet your goals by delivering unparalleled results. Our core focus is delivering excellence while providing technical expertise to ensure the project is completed safely and on-time.

Raise boring reamer underground in operation

Elite Performance

Vertical Expertise That Improves Your Bottom Line

In mine development and expansion, vertical raises are crucial for egress routes, ventilation, hauling, and ore access. Our expertise with Raise Boring and Alimak raises ensures safe, effective, and timely results for a variety of outcomes.

Raise boring is a continuous, mechanical method of excavating vertical or near-vertical holes between two levels of an underground mine, and is widely considered a safer, faster and more cost-effective way of excavating raises than more traditional drilling and blasting methods.

Raise Boring

Capable to Meet a Large Array of Project Needs

Excavating raises is safer, more cost effective, and faster with our experienced raise bore operators and a highly capable fleet.

On site image of raise boring equipment in a forest

Alimak – Raise Mining

DMC’s exceptional knowledge of Alimak Raise Mining

DMC’s team has a vast knowledge of Alimak Raise Mining performance, operation and maintenance requirements. Alimak Raising enables mining approaches that cannot easily be carried out using other methods and is a viable alternative for situations where raise boring may not be practical. DMC owns and operates a fleet of mechanized raise climbers for these applications, and is led by a team of experienced Raise Bore and Alimak specialists.

Underground Alimak machinery in use


Why Choose DMC For Your Vertical Raising Needs?

Our skilled operators and large fleet of equipment can offer the raise excavation approach that’s right for your schedule, project, and budget. From the precision and power of raise bore to the flexibility of Alimak raising, we get the job done safely and efficiently.

Vertical Raising - quote-mark-56x48

DMC is committed to providing the safest techniques and most experienced teams available, to ensure our client projects are completed accurately, while meeting all budget and timeline requirements.

Rob Mundy, VP Raise Bore

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