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Raise Bore Mining

A Safer, Faster and More Cost-Effective Way of Excavating Raises

Raise Boring is a powerful and precise way to excavate raises with smooth walls that don’t require finishing, making it the preferred method for creating ventilation shafts. Raise boring techniques are also used to excavate various raises and shafts for your civil construction projects.

Raise boring machining equipment in underground mine

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Top Experience and Equipment

 A Wide Array of Solutions

At DMC Mining we own and operate a fleet of 9 Raise Bore machines, 2,500 meters of drill pipe and 16 reamers with sizes ranging from 28 in to 12 ft diameter, offering you the optimal equipment for your raise boring needs.

Rasie bore mining at the surface with optimal equipment on show

Raise Boring Statistics

The past decade has seen us satisfy a number of clients and hone our expertise on tough projects. Our statistics speak for themselves.



From 2010–2019



Meters Total Reamed


Canada, Mexico, USA


Goldcorp, Coeur, New Gold, Wesdome

Plus Many More

Estimated Value




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Arial view of raise boring operations in the snowy hills

Building on Innovation

Improved Safety and Data Performance Upgrades

DMC conducts extensive data logging for accurate record keeping and preventative maintenance, ensuring the project is completed safely and on-time.

An Array of Experience

Why Choose DMC for Your Raise Boring Needs?

A capable, cutting-edge fleet matched with knowledgeable people have enabled us to safely and efficiently complete each Raise Bore project we encounter. We can tackle your project with the same tenacity we’ve demonstrated for over 30 years.

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We’re looking for new ways to solve problems and use some of these tried-and-true techniques in innovative ways.

Jacob Sinclair, Operations Coordinator, Raise Bore

Innovation & Ideas

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