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Industry Leading Expertise

Setting the Standard in Conventional Shaft Sinking

Mine shaft sinking is one of the most critical and technically difficult aspects of underground mine development and construction.

conventional shaft sinking tunnel looking from up from base

Paving the way

Experts in Conventional Shaft Sinking

While we pride ourselves on innovation, our experience with conventional sinking techniques runs deep. With over 30 completed shaft projects in our history, DMC is expert in delivering Conventional Shaft Sinking solutions to you.

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DMC Core Values

Industry Leading Safety Record for Shaft Sinking Projects

Doing it right means doing it safely, and we take care to ensure that our people – and yours – are protected from risk. It’s part of our DNA and our core value of Zero Harm, and it’s demonstrated with every shaft we sink.

The Story So Far

Conventional Shaft Sinking Statistics

In over 30 years of digging, we’ve sunk 17 kilometers of mineshaft in 27 projects in Canada, Mexico, the USA, and the UK, for some of the industry’s largest players.



Shafts Sunk from Macassa to Anglo American



Meter Total Depth Completed


Canada, Mexico, USA, UK


Barrick, Inco, Armistice

Plus Many More

Estimated Value




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Conventional Shaft Sinking - logo-sirius-400x200
Conventional Shaft Sinking - logo-goldcorp-400x200

Experience Makes All the Difference

A Core Expertise

We built our reputation on shaft sinking. Since the 1980s we’ve sunk various diameters, from 13 to 26 feet in a wide range of geologies and conditions, both shallow and deep. We are experienced with difficult conditions and geologies in project sites around the world. DMC Mining Services is also proud to work with local cultures and resources.

small conventional shaft sinking site in madagascar forrest

Unparalleled Innovation

Why Choose DMC For Your Conventional Shaft Boring Needs?

Our expertise runs deep, and our dedication to excellence and safety even deeper. When your project needs to succeed, we know how to get you there.

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What really counts in this industry is doing a project expertly and safely. We believe this is a critical measure of success and ensure each of our projects have the right training, tools and skills to perform.

Mateusz Jakubowski | Chief Operating Officer

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