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Leadership from within.

Committed to Excellence

For forty years, DMC has been devoted to delivering excellence through strong direction, planning and careful execution, and has been delivering superior results for our clients. One core reason this has been accomplished is due to DMC acquiring talented individuals who have a wealth of experience in the industry and we are always adding to our team.

DMC Mining team at base of mine pose for group photo

Our People

Going Above and Beyond

Our people are our biggest asset which is why we focus on continuous improvement and go above and beyond the minimum standard for training and development of our employees. Recognized for our commitment to safety, DMC promotes a culture that ensures our employees are committed, engaged and work in an environment that exhibits a culture of respect, open communication, and collaboration.

Job Listings

Opportunities at DMC

At DMC Mining Services we believe our greatest asset is our people, and attracting and retaining talented and committed employees is key to our long term success. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we offer a range of employment opportunities across the globe. Check out our current listings, or contact us.

new employee wearing dmc overalls in underground mind

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Thriving Together

The DMC Way

Are you ready to join a team that is committed, engaged and reshaping the mining industry? As an award-winning industry leader in safety and innovation, we are proud to promote a diverse and inclusive culture that focuses on respect, open communication, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Our team is values driven and heavily focused on safety and our continuous development as a company. Creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking drives our business’ strategic impact and delivery of excellence. We are proud of our inclusive business culture and we respect and value diversity.

DMC worker wearing safety equipment, mapping project while in mine

Achieve Greater Impact

Become a Leader

At DMC we are people-focused with training and benefits initiatives available to all employees. Join our family and experience career challenging opportunities.

  • Global career opportunities to constantly hone your skills
  • Innovative technologies that are redefining the industry
  • Diverse workforce consisting of employees of all experience levels, bringing together different ideas, knowledge and expertise
  • Mentorship and coaching from experienced professionals
Happy DMC worker smiling while wearing safety equipment

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DMC miner inserting a rod into the drilled charge-hole

Career Development

Grow with DMC

Our focus is on the development of employees to foster ongoing career growth and professional development. A variety of Technical Training Programs, HR, Health and Safety, and Project management training opportunities, as well as Management and Leadership Development, and a robust EIT program.

Joining DMC you can expect:

  • Robust new hire orientation and onboarding program
  • Management and leadership development programs
  • Formal performance management & development plans
  • Work life balance support including access to the world’s largest Employee Assistance Program

Employee Spotlight

Rob Mundy – VP of Raise Bore

A veteran of the industry and someone who continues to help make DMC great, Rob has been with the company since its Dynatec days. He’s now our Vice President of Raise Bore, and his leadership and dedication continue to inspire us.

Rob Mundy - VP Raise Boring smiling in the DMC office
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