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Building Long Term Relationships

Building Long Term Relationships - about-us-hero-worker-new

In transition and phases of growth, organizations can experience many challenges, and one of the biggest is internal conflict—with clients, and especially with employees.

Leadership should always try to maintain bridges. This means handling conflict in such a way that each party knows the process was fair, well-reasoned, and honest.

Clear Expectations

Organizational values need to be shared if a business is to grow. Our organization is currently in a phase of exponential growth and it is very important for all members of the organization to share common goals, visions, and values. I look for two main qualities in the teams at DMC.

The first is contribution. Everyone in the organization is expected to contribute to the overall growth of DMC, based on their roles and positions. Each and every team member has an important role to play and needs to provide support and dedication to succeed as a whole.

Secondly, I look for passion. I want to work with people who have passion, who want to build, change processes that don’t work, and who want to grow, not only as an individual but also grow professionally within the organization. As the business grows, people with passion will be given the opportunities and resources to grow and become leaders.

We work with a very diverse group, but the one quality we have in common is passion. Passion drives us forward. We expect our leaders to bring positivity to their departments and the company culture, which in turn invigorates departments and allows them to grow.

Be Honest

The process of solving conflict doesn’t always have to be a stressful experience. To maintain relationships, a respectful separation is sometimes necessary, and open dialogue, as well as feedback, needs to be provided.

Giving people clarity and confidence as they’re leaving allows you to keep an open dialogue. While leaving a job is stressful, being dealt with honestly and fairly can create a positive impression. This allows for smoother transitions into new professional endeavors, for both the company and employees.

Leadership Matters

Being decisive, honest, and respectful can make a big difference in any organizational culture, as well as the professional growth and development of both departing employees and those still working within DMC.

Leaders often have to make hard decisions and when leading an organization through change, being an effective communicator, as well as being able to clearly and concisely explain problems and solutions, will help any organization grow and thrive during change. We are always striving to demonstrate strong leadership traits to support the vision, goals and culture at DMC.

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